Onside Accounting

Need a Finance Director but aren’t ready for one full-time?

A finance function in a start-up business can change rapidly and be very challenging.  Our Finance Director services are perfect for companies that need additional support beyond accounting and tax compliance. 

We can help you manage the difficulties and put processes and controls in place to protect your future. This typically includes things like financial modelling, process improvement, change management, new systems implementation, finance team supervision, key stakeholder management and much more. 

We will agree a bespoke service based on your requirements and you will be supported by an experienced team that will consist of at least one Finance Director and one Financial Controller. They will work closely with you on your finance-related projects, as though they are part of your team.

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Why outsource a Finance Director?


Hiring a full-time Finance Director is difficult for many young companies as they are a very expensive resource. Companies in this position can benefit from having a part-time Finance Director with vital start-up experience who will do more than oversee the core accounting and compliance requirements.

A Finance Director will act as part of your team but with an independent mindset, asking the right questions and identifying the finance-related issues in your business. They will maintain high quality reporting to assist you in making key business decisions as well as and building on your internal processes to prepare you for your next stage of growth.

Flexibility & Support

We value our client relationships and use a personal approach to maintain them. Regular virtual meetings are a must and are arranged at times that suit you. If required, site visits can also take place.

We are passionate about start-ups and being part of your team process from innovation to the growth stage and beyond, is a privilege. The purpose of our Finance Director service is to support not only the business’ trajectory but its people. Where specialised advice is required, we draw on experience from our business partners within the core services team and tax team respectively.

Whilst exercises such as scenario building and KPI monitoring will give you the peace of mind that the company is on the right track, knowing that your finance department is being directed and managed in line with the company’s objective and culture, will free your time to focus on the strategy and future of the business.

How we can support

Here are some examples of the support we offer, however the list is not exhaustive. We will generally accommodate any finance-related tasks that match our skillset.
Management reporting and consolidations
Forecasting and cash flow management
Risk management through scenario building
Board reporting and key stakeholder management
Implementing financial controls and client-specific processes
Systems and processes optimisation
Support and direct your finance department
Analysis of companies’ financial strengths and weaknesses
Assistance with financial strategic planning and business modelling
Assistance with funding rounds, exit planning and due diligence
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